Introducing a new track for rail road maintenance.

RailMotive, Innovative Rail Road Vehicles.

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No more need for Category C-licence.

RailMotive, Innovative Rail Road Vehicles.

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Transport up to 7 co-workers and 2.000 kg equipment with a B+E-licence.

RailMotive, Innovative Rail Road Vehicles.

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Rail road maintenance logistics just got smarter.

Road-rail vehicles are designed to operate on both conventional roads and rail tracks. In most cases they require a Category C-licence with code95 registration, for the transportation of rail road maintanance equipment and materials.

That's exactly where RailMotive provides a game changing solution, specifically developed for Category B+E-licence drivers. The RailMotive Iveco 3500PLUS Rail Conversion efficiently and cost-effectively enables the transportion of 7 workers and 2.000 kg of payload capacity to any given location on the track. Add the fact that you can easily replace the vehicle from the modular chassis, and you have the opportunity to make your rail road maintenance logistics smarter than ever.

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Railmotive key features:

  • Category BE Licence Iveco 3500PLUS Conversion
  • Short-range fifth wheel coupling Rail Maintenance trailer
  • Hydraulic chassis for standard 1435 mm track width
  • Combined gross weight 7.000 kg
  • Payload capacity up to 2.000 kg
  • Transports upto 7 workers
  • Easy-to-use road-to-rail transfer system
  • Modular components ensure maximum flexibility

Our Solution: Engineering Out-of-the-Box

To create a safe and efficient solution that changes the way rail maintenance logistics move forward towards the future, RailMotive applied 'Engineering Out-of-the-Box': a different perspective on increasing payload and licence efficiency. As a result, a Category C-drivers licence isn't always necessary for serious maintenance on rail tracks anymore. By combining a smart short-range fitfth wheel trailer workspace and our innovative 3500PLUS-solution that enables drivers with a Category B+E-licence to transport a payload upto 2000kg, with a modular hydraulic rail road chassis, RailMotive enables you to adapt to all circumstances. Easily, efficiently and cost-effectively.

The solution

Our Vehicle: the 3500PLUS Rail Conversion model.

The RailMotive road-rail vehicle combines the innovative 3500PLUS system with an easy adaptable modular chassis for efficient rail conversion. Interested in how we innovate rail road maintenance logistics? Check our datasheet by clicking on the link below.



  • TCVT Certification
  • EMC Certification for main electric components
  • RI&E Rail vehicle
  • RDW Certification for Dutch registration

Proud partner

RailMotive is proud to present the Iveco 3500PLUS Volker Rail Conversion model.

RailMotive, Innovative Rail Road Vehicles.

For more information on RailMotive, feel free to contact us. We're glad to help move your rail maintenance logistiscs forward.

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