Engineering Out-of-the-Box and into the rail maintenance market.

Hydraulic installation

The RailMotive hydraulic installation is designed to provide instant automated mobility in maintenance and repair operations, primairily controlled from the drivers cabin.

1435 mm rail axle chassis for standard tracks

Front Axle

Front rail axle chassis

To improve both the on-road and the on-rail driving performance, the frontal chassis is positioned directly behind the cabin, or under the back seat with a double cabin set-up.
The rail-axle lowers onto the rail track with a automated hydraulic system, that levels out all irregularities on the track for maximum shock absorption when in motion.

Rear rail axle chassis

The rear rail axle chassis is positioned right behind the rear drive shaft of the Iveco-vehicle, of which the rear wheels roll on the track when in motion, which provides optimal acceleration and braking ability.

Lights & camera's

Lights and camera’s

The RailMotive vehicle is equiped with the following lighting & camera functionalities:


  • Reversible LED red/white railway-lights
  • Beacon for road-to-rail transfer at level crossing


  • 4 LED worklights above rail axles
  • 1 camera angled at left front axle track wheel
  • 1 camera angled at right rear axle track wheel


  • Reversible LED red/white railway-lights
  • Shunt beacon
  • 2 LED worklights for rail maintenance
  • Rear view camera

Power to the driver.

The RailMotive functionality is developed around the driver: a simple and easy to use control panel is used to power the numerous functions of the RailMotive system:

  • Levelling the system for road-tod-rail conversion
  • Operating the tracklights, the working lights and beacons
  • Operating the camera system at both the track and the rear end of the combination

RailMotive, Innovative Rail Road Vehicles.

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